Tell all Tuesday Series: Fortunes

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Question-If you were responsible for writing fortunes for cookies, what would they say?



The recipient wouldn’t know what to think! But on a serious note, I would probably spend the day on Pinterest. They have a massive collection of fantastic inspirational tidbits that would be PERFECT for a fortune cookie.

Fortune Cookies

So, what would your fortunes read?


9 thoughts on “Tell all Tuesday Series: Fortunes

  1. says:

    I remember when they really were fortunes, not just statements. I have all the fortunes we have gotten over the last ten years or so , tucked in a small zippered area of my wallet. Some are still fortune like, but many are just statements
    Her are some of them
    Don’t worry about money, the best things in life are free.
    Everyone agrees you are the best
    one we have gottten a few times, Don’t worry about the stock market, invest in family.
    I remember when they said, Confusius say, and then a fortune !!
    one funny one I have is,
    Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you !! That is is pretty funny , but not bad advice either !!!

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