Coming to Life

Shopping Trip 1

Things are VERY slowly getting back to normal here, Thank Goodness!!! Yesterday was a drama filled day, filled with an abundance of petty issues (nothing super crazy to report), so I decided that I was going to escape reality for just a bit, and hit the craft store before heading to the grocery for dinner (Vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s for me, and a pot of Chili for the family). I took my sweet time browsing the aisles, and found some fantastic items!

Shopping Trip 2

I have been working on a few new projects over the past several days, and I finished up the bracelet that I was working on (just have to add the end caps and a charm, then she’ll be ready for my shop) and I have started yet another one (this one being blue and black). I also started work on 2 rear view mirror dream-catchers. Just needed some cute charms to add; thus the purpose for my spontaneous shopping expenditure. Have quite a few other projects waiting in the wings; I’m just waiting for that extra time to present itself. Soon…

Shopping Trip 3

It’s amazing how rejuvenated I feel after just ONE trip! Catering to my spirit/passion brings me back to life and gets that creative spark glowing once again. Although I am utterly exhausted, my mind is bursting with ideas.

Shopping Trip 4

I just wanted to share my fabulous finds with you. I hope that life is treating you well.


10 thoughts on “Coming to Life

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Krista, I love the things you bought! You totally triggered something and I would love to get back to all this crafting I did some years ago but stopped due to a lack of time. I really should look into it again. Making jewelry is something I would really love to do since I have all the tools!

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