Ending the Year with a Bang!

This week has been a roller coaster  FULL of happenings!  My grandson Maddox was born on Sunday morning, which you all are aware of.  Perfect little angel, perfect complexion, no problems to report.  They were preparing to release him yesterday to go home when they discovered he was jaundice.  No yellowing, but they ordered a UV “bed” for him to lay in.  To get the full benefit of the UV light, he had to remain unclothed with his eyes protected under a foam pair of “glasses.”  Coming from the comforts and warmth of his mothers womb, he was a very unhappy little boy!  At 4 am this morning, the hospital’s administration ordered that he be transferred to the NICU unit at another hospital.

At this same moment, my husband and I were awoken by our sister telling us to call 911.  Our nephew had surgery on Tuesday, and has been recuperating at our home.  He is a juvenile diabetic and needs extra eyes during situations such as these.  He awoke with severe chest pains, and after having about 8 paramedics and firemen barging into my home, he was transported to the hospital.  He has been admitted for 2 days, and it looks as though he will have to go under the knife again to have his gall bladder and pancreas removed.  Waiting to hear the latest word on that.

All before my alarm went off at 4:30 am!!!

To top it off, hubby’s teeth have been flaring up, he is still primarily bed ridden due to his knees, and we both have managed to catch some type of bug.  A cross between a sinus infection and strep throat?  Haven’t had a chance to visit a doctor, so unsure?

I had several posts that I was going to work on today to take my mind away while we were waiting to hear about our men, but every time I have powered up my laptop, it freezes.  Here we go again!  So, needless to say, it has been a day!  A week, a grand finale for the year 2015!  My visions of relaxing in bed with some good food and my marathon have been shot down.  I’m headed to bed (first time EVER!) before the ball drops.  May tomorrow bring good news…

Happy New Year all!  May your evening be filled with special memories!


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