Tell All Tuesday Series: Children’s Books

Q-What were your 3 favorite books as a child?

A-Okay, so if you visited the dentist office regularly back in the 80’s, I’m sure that you saw the little scuffed up brown book entitled, “But No Elephants.” I used to love going to the dentist just to have the chance to read this great book. I get excited to this day when I run across it!

But No Elephants

My 2nd favorite book to read was Mercer Mayer’s, Little Monster at Home. I loved scanning each page trying to find the spider. Really, ANY book by Mercer Mayer (Little Critter’s) is on the list. His simplistic dialog, and detailed imagery cater to young minds.

Little Monster at Home

My 3rd favorite book when I was little was Sesame Street’s, “Would you like to play Hide & Seek in this book with Lovable, Furry Old Grover?”

Hide and Seek with Grover

and “Bert’s Hall of Great Inventions.”

Bert's Hall of Great Inventions

They were so “busy,” they kept you involved and excited on each page. My favorite Sesame Street character was Snuffleupagus and mama’s was The Count. My little boy fell in love with Elmo when he was a little tot, and refused to go anywhere if he didn’t have his Tickle Me Elmo in tow. I just never could get into Elmo; he annoyed me!

Well there you go; my list of 3. What were your 3 favorites?


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