Black Friday

Black Friday
So here we are; it’s Black Friday once again. I’m curious to see how each of you have decided to spend your day. Were you up at the butt crack of dawn standing in line at the stores, or did you skip that in favor of the incredible online specials? OR have you decided to take advantage of having the day off, and prefer to stay in and grub on your yummy leftovers?

I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could begin my Christmas shopping early this year, so needless to say, I am spending this glorious day off with my loving family. All the comforts of home, free of obligations and expectations. Just a low key, fend for yourself, lazy day. I am DEFINITELY counting my blessings!

How are you spending your Black Friday this year?


12 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Sarah's Attic of Treasures says:

    No money to spend. You couldn’t PAY me to go shopping TODAY. There are a few online sales I would love to be able to get.
    I’m still trying to get my laptop working better. It crashed on me last week. Just enough t make it almost useless.
    WordPress is also playing HAVIC with me.
    It’s been almost impossible to post there.
    So I am trying to catch up while I have a few free minutes.
    How was your Thanksgiving Yesterday?
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Love Sarah

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      Great to hear from you! I’m sorry you can’t take advantage of those online specials. I’ve been SO broke before that I couldn’t even afford a 0.59 cent taco! I know ALL about it!!! Been decluttering the house to fund my Christmas shopping. We did venture out and get a tree today. $29 from Sams. It’s gorgeous! It was so tall, we had to lop off the top. Been decorating with the babies and getting in the Christmas spirit. Thanksgiving was fabulous! I cooked the majority of the meal, and I must say it was delicious! My mama, my second mama, our sister and nephew, and a friend of ours joined us. We had a great visit! Get some rest girl-love you!

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      • Sarah's Attic of Treasures says:

        I am so glad you had a good Thanksgiving.
        I have too admit, I am tired of cooking Turkey.
        Danny and I made over 14 full family dinners for those the week of Thanksgiving.
        14 turkey’s and 5 hams and fixins….The church supplied the food . I just gave them the list. They dropped off all the supplies, food and serving containers, etc Last Friday. I cooked here and at the bunkhouse ALL week…Then made another DINNER for us……And took stuff to our Thanksgiving dinner at the park.
        So we ate well this week……Same things all week. A few different sides.
        We do this every year at Thanksgiving , Christmas and Easter….
        It was a bit much this year….
        We are so busy at the park.
        Danny really had to do his part this time. He was as busy as I was . Nice for a change.
        It is also a good reminder that we really have a lot to be Thankful for.

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