Tell All Tuesday Series: Do you make your bed in the morning?

Q-Do you make your bed in the morning?

Tell All Tuesday Series...
A-Nope! Making the bed was REQUIRED when I was growing up, and I’m not talking just tidied up. I’m talking make sure those hospital corners are still taught and crisp, and that a coin will bounce when you toss it into the middle of the bed. It was taken to the absolute extreme! While I enjoy crawling into a freshly laundered and made bed, I refuse to make it each day. I do pull the covers up, but my husband is home all day, and ends up spending a lot of time in the bed watching television or playing on the PS3. Then as soon as I get home from work (after dinner and other obligations) I crawl in and start work on either creations for my shop or my blog. Just seems kind of stupid to make a bed that normally has someone in it, you know?

How about you? Do you make your bed when you get up in the morning?


9 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Do you make your bed in the morning?

    • Krista Kemp says:

      I’m so glad that you like my series! I enjoy hearing from my readers, and gaining insight into their lives! My hubby doesn’t like all the extras either, so I try to keep it simple for him. Thank you so much for sharing!


  1. dawn says:

    I always always always make the bed. I like seeing it all made up throughout the day. It’s one of my morning rituals right up there with Ashtanga yoga, litter box duty and showering 😀

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  2. Baijen says:

    Yes, every morning (unless I’m sick!). It’s a comfort thing – I do feel a made bed sets me up for an organized day! I know, I know, but I’m convinced that when I don’t make the bed that the rest of the day more likely to become disorganized and chaotic! I do like to see a made up bed whilst I am doing my chores and I do find it quite inviting and calming at the end of a long day.

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