A Page from the Fatty File

I have always had a major issue with my weight, and it’s no wonder as I grew up in a house filled with delicious food. Every once in a while my daddy would bring home goodies from the bakery where he worked, and while that was indeed a special treat, it didn’t’ help my waist line any! My sister teased me through the years about being chunky, and she enjoyed embarrassing me in front of my friends by sharing unflattering photos. It was rough!

The Fatty File

When I was little (about 7 or 8), Mama always made sure to ration the fatty foods, with ice cream being no exception. My sister and I were allowed to indulge on 1 sweet item per day, and were on the “honor system” due to being latchkey kids. Well one day, I realized at bed time, that I had not eaten my ice cream sandwich for the day. So I snuck into the kitchen and grabbed one from the freezer. I made my way to the bathroom and locked the door. I was sitting on the commode, about halfway into my sandwich when there was a knock on the door. Through muffled mouth, I asked who it was. Mama informed me that it was PAST time for bed, and that I needed to come out.

I shoved the remainder of the sandwich into my mouth, furiously chomping and swallowing, and opened the door once the remnants were gone. My mom and my sister were standing there waiting. Mama took one look at me and said, “Were you eating ice cream?” I responded, as convincingly as I could, with chocolate cookie surrounding my mouth, and stuck in between my teeth, “No Mama.”  I guess she didn’t believe me, because I spent the next week grounded.

Sweet Treat

While I’m still not at my ideal weight, I just don’t concern myself with it anymore. If I’m lucky enough to get a meal then I don’t worry about what time of day it is, or how many calories it contains. I’ve concluded that life is too short to be that petty, and that I’m going to die regardless one of these days, so I may as well enjoy what I put in my mouth!  Once I quit stressing over my weight, the pounds have been falling off. Weird, huh?!

Do you have any food memories to share?


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