Tell All Tuesday Series: Embarrassing Stories

Tell All Tuesday Series...
Question-What is a humiliating story from your past?

Answer-I have decided to share two humiliating stories from my past with you today. I hope that you enjoy…

16 Bean Shopping

When I was growing up, 16 bean soup was one of my mother’s favorite dishes when the weather got cool. She would make up a giant batch and go to town!

When I was around 11 years old, she decided to take my sister and I on a little shopping trip.  We made our way into this little dress boutique in the local strip mall, and my mother chose several outfits that she insisted on trying on. She asked the little girl working there to unlock the fitting room, and she and my baby sister went in, leaving me standing on the other side of the door.

I stood there looking around, biding my time, when the foulest smell struck me. I looked around the store trying to figure out where this awful odor was coming from when I noticed the two girls behind the checkout desk, plugging their noses and talking amongst themselves while pointing at me. I was mortified!

Well, come to find out, it had all been the result of a 16-bean soup attack!

Peeing for Pepsi

When I was about 7 or 8, my sister and I went car shopping with my mom. She was driving a P.O.S. Cavalier, and was talking to the local dealership in town about trading it in for an Accord. My sister and I sat in the car, waiting patiently, while she discussed business with the salesman.

Suddenly, my senses alerted me that my bladder was full. I tried all the tricks in the book to keep my urine at bay, not wanting to disrupt my mother, but my tactics were unsuccessful. Finally, I could wait no longer! I looked around for a container and noticed a can of Pepsi in the cup holder. I bounced the ‘should I, shouldn’t I game’ around in my mind, until there was no longer an option. I dropped my drawers, squatted over the can in the passenger seat and let the flood waters come rushing out. Unfortunately, my aim was far from accurate, and the majority of that stream made its way onto the car seat.

After realizing the catastrophic mistake that I had made, I sat down in my squishy seat and bawled my eyes out.  My mom was super ticked, but forgiving none the less. I’m assuming she was still able to make the trade, but have a feeling it took place after she had cleaned up my mess. Oh, the things mothers do for their children!

Do you have an embarrassing story that you would like to share?


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