The Respect Award

Carolina over at Yesterday After has nominated me for The Respect Award.  You are the sweetest little thing Carolina, and I love you for this!  Thank you, I am truly honored!

The Respect Award


by Robert Goldstein

“The “Respect” Award is my personal award for fellow bloggers who consistently reach out to other bloggers, offer support, are kind, struggle to understand differences in people, and who treat themselves and other people with kindness and respect.

-Robert Goldstein

About the Award:

  • You don’t have to do anything for this award.
  • You can choose to copy the Award Picture from my post and give the award to the people who have earned your respect or you can do nothing.
  • This is my way of saying thank you.  You have earned my respect.

My Nominees:

Sarah over at Sarah’s Attic of Treasures

Vic over at Just Plain Ol’ Vic

Stephie over at Stephie’s Beads and Baubles

Lynz over at Lynz Real Cooking

Tingting over at Empower Love

HeartAFire over at House of Heart

Rashmi over at Mind and Life Matters

Usha over at Creative Crafts-DIY

Leslie over at Normal is Out There

Danny over at Dream Big, Dream Often

JK over at K_Frames

Thank you again Carolina!  You are the best!

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