Future Best Seller…

Baby Love
Two years ago, I was struck with inspiration while observing my husband’s interaction with our granddaughter. I sat down and started scribbling away, orchestrating the adoration and devotion that I had just witnessed. The unconditional love that filled the air was gripping, and I HAD to make a record of this priceless moment.

My piece turned out so well, that I immediately visualized it in book form. It would be classified as a children’s “picture book,” but in all reality, it is more of a Hallmark-style Heirloom book for grandparents to enjoy with their little ones; a bedtime story if you will.

I have reached out to multiple publishing houses over the past two years, but to no avail. Several self-publishing companies were anxious to take me on, but my funds, unfortunately, cannot take on such a venture at this time. I hate to see people deprived of this heart felt tale of a papa’s undying love for his grandbaby. It is a compelling story, and it should be read and shared by the world!

An Excerpt:
“The moment you took your first breath in this world,
Your papa had fallen in love.
With your ten little fingers and ten tiny toes,
You were God’s precious gift from above.
He held you so tight in his loving embrace,
And whispered his thoughts in your ear.
He told you he loved you, how lucky he was,
And how happy he was you were here…”

If you know of a publisher, or a  publishing house that is interested in taking on a new client, and making a TON of money, let me know. 


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