Tell All Tuesday Series: FEAR

Rashmi, over at Mind and Life Matters, published a fantastic post this morning that got this old squeaky wheel turning. Her post consisted of 10 thought provoking, spooky short stories in lieu of Halloween. If you haven’t seen this awesome post yet (click HERE), head on over and check it out. You will not be disappointed!

So, on to the question of the day…


Q-What are you afraid of?

A-For years I have watched Horror movie after Horror movie in search of just ONE that could scare the pants off of me. I have been so utterly and completely disappointed! You would think that at least one of them could do the job, but no, not one! They are either hilarious or super corny. Never scary! I’ve finally just given up.

To really sit down and evaluate my perspective on things, I would have to conclude that I’m fearless. I worry about things and people, but I know that each of us have our own time, and regardless of what happens in this life, the good Lord takes us when our time is up. There are no negotiations, no bargains to be made, it simply is what it is. When you live with this philosophy on life, what is the sense of stressing yourself out more than you have to? Live it up, make each day count, and spread the love around. You never know when your time (or a loved one’s) is going to show up!

How about you, what are you afraid of?

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