How to Appear Wealthy WITHOUT Breaking the Bank

Don't Break the Bank
I have always been taught that quality is more important than quantity. It is better to save up and purchase a high quality product, as it will ultimately stand the test of time. For example, let’s pretend that we are in the market for a new entertainment center. While most people would be tempted to buy the $200 special at Wal-Mart or Big Lots, I would opt to invest in the $1,000 unit from Ethan Allen down the road. Wal-Mart furniture generally lasts 2-3 years before it is in need of a replacement.

So, if you had to buy a new entertainment center every 3 years, you would go through about 5 units in a period of 15 years, where if you had originally just dished out a grand, your unit would still be in immaculate condition (provided you took care of it), and it would last you a minimum of 30 + years. Think of all that money and the headache that you could save!!! In conclusion, go for the quality products over the cheap fix; you get what you pay for!

To look at my family, you would think that we did pretty well for ourselves. We wear name brand clothing, carry designer handbags, have Naked makeup palettes, and a multitude of top notch electronics. Both of my boys tote Fox Racing backpacks to school (which are built to hold through the test of time), and my daughter has a backpack from Pink, filled with sprays and spritz’s galore. My husband wears $20 Calvin Klein undies, and has a closet FULL of specialty Ralph Lauren dress shirts. And, don’t even get me started on our high dollar collections…

While the majority of my husband’s wardrobe was purchased during his working career at an elite chemical plant, my children and I have acquired our possessions by being thrifty. My mother purchases the majority of the children’s outfits and shoes (I don’t know what I’d do without her!), but she NEVER buys anything at regular price. Between the two of us, we hit yard sales, consignment sales/shops, thrift stores, and we utilize coupons at every possible opportunity. When department stores have their massive Annual sales, my mama heads in at the crack of dawn for those Early Bird Specials.

So, while we may look like we spend a TON of moola, that couldn’t be further from the truth! And, anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not concerned with the labels. I like my blue jeans, my rock band t-shirts, my over sized hoodie, and a pair of flip flops. I’m about as down to earth as you can get! But, I ensure that my children are dressed as fashionable as possible. I KNOW how cruel children can be, especially in High School! My babies have enough to deal with without having to concern themselves with whether or not they “fit in” with the other kids. I try to steer off problems before they are ever able to surface.

So, in reflection, it is quite possible to look the best AND have the best quality items if you watch for deals, utilize coupons, and purchase “like new” second hand items. A lot of times you’ll get lucky and find items with the sales tag still attached. Brand new, for a used price. You can’t beat that!

Do you have any tips to add?


7 thoughts on “How to Appear Wealthy WITHOUT Breaking the Bank

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    When it comes to technology, educating yourself goes a long way. Plus knowing what sales “tricks” you will encounter will make you a smarter shopper. There is some truth of “you get what you pay for” when it comes to electronics, so it comes down to knowing what isn’t worth paying for.

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      Isn’t that the truth! I remember when I went camera shopping. I had it narrowed down to two different digital cameras. I read the specs on both, and realized that the better camera was the one that was $200 cheaper! I LOVE my camera, and plan to replace it with the same model in the near future. Knowledge is key!

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