Tuesday’s Troubles…

My dearest followers, I am sorry to announce that I currently am unable to post today’s planned post.  I am experiencing some major technical difficulties with my laptop, and all of my material for this week is stuck there. I have been working diligently for the past three hours to get things running operational, but with no success as of yet.  Fortunately, I am able to let you know of my troubles from my iPhone, but until I am able to get this matter resolved, there will be no posts.  I do apologize, and will be back up ASAP.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Troubles…

  1. wendyblack1 says:

    Booo! That blows! Man, I can completely understand our area has the worst internet providers, and there have been several times that I haven’t been able to post because of our internet connection just being nonexistent for no apparent reason. Ugh. I hope it all gets taken care of soon. ❤

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