Krista’s Tell All Tuesday Series…

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Question: What is one fact from your family tree?

German Royalty

Answer: I have always known that I come from German and English decent on both sides of my family.  But, when my Grandmother came to visit me in Germany, she told me a little tidbit that I didn’t know before. Apparently, on her side of the family, we come from German royalty. The princess (my ancestor) fell in love with the town baker, and as a result they eloped and she was disowned by the family. So, evidently, all of the women in my bloodline are foolish and entranced by this notion of love conquering all. Why, oh why, did she have to go after the baker? How different and luxurious would my life be if she had just followed along with her parents requests? I guess we’ll never know.

How about you? What is one interesting fact from your family tree?


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