Halloween Hobo’s

With Halloween just around the corner, my mind has been revisiting some fond memories from the past. There is one Halloween story in particular that I want to share with you today.

Hobo Hunt

When I was 14 years old, my mom put on her creative thinking cap and concocted an elaborate Halloween party for my sister and I, and our closest friends. She pitched the theme and we fell in love. She declared it an around town-Hobo Hunt. How cool! I had never heard of such a neat idea for a party before! I helped her create the invitations with white cardstock, tea staining, and burnt edging. My sister and I passed out these awesome party invitations to our guests, and then went in search of the trashiest costumes we could find from our local thrift store. We counted down the days until our night of fun.

Meanwhile, my mom had been incorporating help from all of our friends’ parents, which were more than happy to oblige. She had a clue for each of our destinations, and Halloween décor at each stop; Rubber rats, Hanging bats, Tombstones, Skeletons, and so forth.

The night of our Hobo Hunt finally arrived and all of us kids loaded up in my step-dad’s Bronco. Our first stop was my grandparents’ house where there were hot dogs, burgers, and smoky dry ice punch. A perfect beginning to our party! We made our rounds to each location (after figuring out the clues) and had an absolute blast! She had stuffed clues inside the rat’s mouth, buried beneath the tombstone in a coffin shape box, and so on. Needless to say, we got our hands dirty.

Our final clue was located in the graveyard over at The Hermitage, so we loaded up and headed that way. Because it was after dark and the park was closed, we had to park a ways off and trek through the field to get there. We had just reached our destination when we were spotlighted by a cop car which was on their evening round. We were told to halt, and that is when my mama yelled, “RUN!” We took off like bats out of hell, running as fast as our little legs would carry us. During all of the commotion, my mom ran into a tree limb and scratched her cornea. Poor thing spent the next few weeks wearing a pirate eye patch. At least she was able to play it off!

Our friends still reflect on that phenomenal night. My mom was declared the “coolest mom in town.” I guess this experience is the root of why I love parties (scavenger hunt style themed parties) and party planning so much. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My mother always encouraged my creativity and imagination while thinking outside of the box. But of course, I learned from the best! I have planned several of these parties (SpongeBob’s Bikini Bottom, my Adventure Hunt over on YouTube, Operation Dragon Slayer (Military Black Op’s party), and my Fashionista Extravaganza: Ugly Dress Fashion Show) over the years, and will eventually compile them into themed party planning eBook guides, which will be available over at my Etsy shop.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I had the very best mother a girl could ask for, and she continues to amaze me each day!

What Halloween memory stands out in your mind?


9 thoughts on “Halloween Hobo’s

  1. Skydreamer says:

    your mom IS SO COOL!!!! I myself want to experience this Hobo-hunt lol That explains your awesomeness hehe, honestly the scary noises that come from the houses when I go trick or treating is so spooky, I would freak myself out believing it was really, I would always skip those houses

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