How to Establish your Credit

Are you having difficulties establishing your credit? Are you constantly being turned away? Are you getting frustrated, and don’t know where else to turn? Well, today is your lucky day. I’ve got your back! Keep reading to discover how I went from no credit to great credit overnight…

Building Credit

I had a bit of a late start establishing my credit. In my younger years I focused on building my husband’s credit, as he was the one with the income. So when we divorced, my credit line was non-existent. You know the phrase “no credit is worse than bad credit?” It’s true! Try doing anything for your life without credit…From buying a car to applying for a mortgage. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those necessary evils.

I was 30 years old before I was able to establish my credit. Every place that I tried to get help from turned me away, including my own bank. Finally, I went to a competitor bank and applied for a prepaid credit card. My initial investment was $300, and that amount was reimbursed to me after one full year of good payments. It was the best decision that I ever made!

I now have 3 credit cards, was able to purchase a brand new car from the dealership, and my credit score continues to climb each month. I am planning to purchase my first property next year and am hoping to qualify for a fantastic interest rate.

So, in conclusion, if no one is willing to help you establish your credit, the best avenue to take is to apply for a prepaid credit card.

TIP: Always make your payments on time, and always pay above the minimum payment amount. Keep your balance under control and keep charging purchases.

A good example of how to do this would be:

Fill your car with gas each Monday afternoon. Pay off that balance (or a good portion of it) when it is due and repeat this process each month. The more you use it, the faster you will be able to boost your credit score. It takes time, but it’s definitely worth it! Invest in your future today…

What tips would you like to add?


2 thoughts on “How to Establish your Credit

  1. Sara says:

    This is something I am working on more now. Slowly paying off debts (mostly medical other than student loans), and have been planning on applying for a credit card. Just not sure about how to pick what card to apply for…
    Kinda excited and nervous to be working on something so outside of my comfort zone, but at the same time it feels weird to be doing something so ‘adult’ lol (Sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel like an adult!)

    Liked by 1 person

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