Tell All Tuesday Series: Do you split the bills or share them?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

I, personally, would not be with a man who wanted to “split” the bills. You are either there to pick up the slack when I can’t or you don’t need to be in my life! I do my fair share plus some, and for anyone to want to dictate to me what portion I owe, well, that’s just an insult; a slap in the face. I know a lot of people run their households this way, but when it comes down to, “your child ate such and such, and you need to replace it,” how can you possibly consider yourself a family unit? Sounds more like roomies to me! Uh, no thank you! I chose to share my life with you through thick and thin, deal with all of the bullshit that you dish out, by God we will be a full fledged family! If you feel differently, then you can go on with the pettiness! I don’t have the time for it, nor will I make the time!

Same goes for children/step-children. You’re either all in, or all out. My husband views my children as his, and I view his daughter and granddaughter as my own. You mess with ANY of my babies, and I’m out for blood! There are no “steps” or “halves” in our family. We are brothers, sisters, mom and dad. Some kick ass ones at that!

How about you? Do you split or share the bills?


9 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: Do you split the bills or share them?

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My wife is on disability, so I pay the bulk of all the bills.

    I am completely okay with this as it allows her to focus on her mental health.

    When it comes to the kids, because I work full time my wife does a lot of the “grunt work” as I call it. Taking the kids to the doctor, dropping off/picking up the kids from school. For this I am thankful that there is always a parental presence.

    I think when it comes to parenting, I would like to think we are both all in and do our best!

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