25 Date Night Ideas to Rejuvenate your Relationship

Recreate that spark

When you first met, excitement was in the air. The newness of the relationship enveloped you. You had butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, and you counted down the moments until you saw your love once again.

Now, you just go through the motions of everyday life with this person beside you. What happened? Did raising children get in the way, your career, your social media addiction? It’s not too late to revitalize that stale relationship and fall in love all over again. I have compiled a list of 25 activities/date night ideas that should help ignite that spark you once shared.

25 Date Night Ideas:

  1. Costume Shop Dress Up-Ready for an innocent and fun filled date night?  Be sure that you don’t forget the camera. You will want to document this outing! Make sure to choose the most outlandish outfits that you can possibly find. Take turns playing dress up and photographing one another.

2.  One Night Stand at a Bar-Whether you drink or not, you can still partake in this activity. It’s about the illusion rather than the “bar.” So basically, you will engage in a little bit of role playing here. Pretending not to know one another, and going to any means necessary to “pick each other up.” Playing hard to get makes it a bit more interesting. Just saying…

3.  Amusement Park-Who doesn’t love a fun day at the park, right?! Go enjoy the roller coasters, the rides, the food, the shows, and the gift shops. Enjoy the exhilarating thrill and innocence that accompanies this experience. Embrace your youth again…together.

4.  Become Tourists in your own Town/Site Seeing-Unless you live out in the sticks, you should have a TON of tourist traps close to home. Make sure to dress up for the occasion, and see how many looks you can get. Find some matching Hawaiin shirts, a fanny pack, and make sure you’ve got the camera strung from your neck so you won’t miss a shot. Pretend this is your first visit to this “foreign” location and go exploring hand in hand. You can even visit the tourist center. You will be amazed by the things you will discover.

5.  Scavenger Hunt Scurry-Who wouldn’t want to be sent on a “surprise” town-wide scavenger hunt? I know I’d be ecstatic if someone took the time to plan something like that for me! I’m pretty sure that most women feel the same way as I do. So basically, you just plan special surprises and riddles for each stop. Send her to the grocery store that she frequents, and have the manager or an acquaintance give her a small gift with the next riddle. Have a balloon bouquet at the bank with the riddle in a single balloon, or create a puzzle out of the riddle and fill each balloon with a single puzzle piece. Make sure that you secretly have someone photographing your honey busting the balloons. They will love looking back at memories from this fun filled day. Make sure to allow stops for meals and beverages (plan them into the day) and end the day with a surprise dinner with all their friends and family, or a romantic candlelit dinner with you. How you plan it is up to you, but make sure to plan it with their interests in mind. If she’s a book lover, have the next riddle hiding in a particular book at the book store she frequents. If he’s a fisherman, send him to a Bass Pro Shop to retrieve his next riddle from a taxidermy fishs’ mouth or under a boat seat. You could also have a message in a bottle floating in the fishtank. Make sure to get others from your life involved, but make sure they can keep their mouth shut. Most of all, have fun with it. Your imagination knows no limits!

6.  Go to the Prom together-Who doesn’t like to get dressed up to go party? Pretend that you’re back in the day when planning for the occasion. Get a dress, borrow a tux, rent a limo, and don’t forget the corsage. Make sure to verify with your chosen school that it is permitted to chaperone. You don’t want to show up for a magical night of fun only to be turned away.

7.  Hidden Love Notes-This isn’t really a date idea, but it can be incorporated into a special date night. Tell your honey how much you love, value, and appreciate them. Share the reasons you fell in love with them. Jot down a sincere token of your love to brighten their day. This small effort will definitely rejuvenate your stale status.

8.  Sultry Seduction-What have you never introduced into your relationship? Pole dancing, sensual massage, a strip tease? Introduce something fresh and new into your relationship. Do you have an opposition to role playing? Try it out. Do you generally have the lights out during intimate moments? Flick on the lights. Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it.

9.  Romance in a Jar-Sit down together and brainstorm a list of fun date night ideas. Write your ideas down on a slip of paper, fold them up, and throw them into a jar. Each week take turns drawing an idea out of the jar. The person who chooses the idea that week can choose which day to plan said date, and how they wish to go about orchestrating it. You can add details or surprises into the mix if you wish. Not only will this activity get you both involved in rekindling your passion for one another, but it gives each of you something to look forward to each week. Give it a go, and have fun with it.

10.  Boudoir Book-When I was living over in Germany, I came up with the idea for this book. My girlfriend wanted to do something special for her husband when he returned home from deployment, so I pitched this idea, and after mulling it around, she eventually fell in love with the idea. A boudoir book is a sexy compilation of photos for your partner’s viewing pleasure. Choose the right outfits, pick the right backdrop and lighting, and have fun with the angles. My girlfriend was a plus size beauty which was very self-conscious of her body. I showed her that I was capable of creating magic with camera angles.   We put together some fabulous pictures, and when her husband returned home, she presented him with this very special, intimate gift.

A few days later there was a knock on my door. Her husband stood before me and told me how much he appreciated his gift. He also expressed his gratitude that I had been able to bring his wife out of her shell, and had been able to show her just how beautiful she was in his eyes. I almost cried! You can create a special gift like this for your partner, OR you can have fun doing the photo shoot together. The second is a much better option in my opinion, but if you are self-conscious, you may want to try it out solo. Your choice. Either way, the gift will be appreciated!

11.  Dollar Deals-Ready for some fun? You both start the day/night with a $20 bill. Visit a dollar store of your choice and purchase meaningful gifts for your partner. Some examples of this include:

A Flashlight “You light up my life!”

Hershey’s Kisses “Your kiss makes me melt!”

Butterfly decoration/Stuffed toy “I still get butterflies when I’m with you!”

Puzzle “We’re a perfect fit!”

You can be sentimental, sexual, or comic. The choice is yours. You could also use this idea to make a “Love Basket.” Fill it with these items and present it as a gift. Share the love baby, share the love!!!

12.  Hot Air Balloon Ride-Have you ever been on one? Together? Plan it for sunset, blindfold your partner, and give them a breath-taking view. Make it twice as nice with a picnic basket full of their favorites. You will definitely get a rise out of them! It’s a terrific story that they will enjoy sharing with others.

Rejuvinate your Relationship

13.  Spontaneous Vacation-Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man? Take a spontaneous vacation together. Pack a small bag with essentials, head to the airport and take the first flight out. Regardless of where you go, it will be an adventure!

14. Water Fun-Venture out and enjoy our luxurious bodies of water. Take a ride in a gondola. Rent a paddleboat for the afternoon. Have a relaxing day aboard a sailboat. Ever been canoeing? Take it to the extreme and embark on the rapids on a white water adventure. Whatever pace you choose, seize the day!

15.  Dinner on a Train-Some towns still offer this experience, and if yours does, you should definitely jump on it. It breaks the monotony of going out or staying in for dinner. I personally have never had the opportunity to do this, but know people who have. They have expressed rave reviews, and have said that everyone should try it out at least once in their life.

16.  Murder Mystery Dinner/Dinner and a Show-These are two fun ways to enjoy an evening out. Not only do you get to have a fabulous dinner, but the entertainment is superior! With a murder mystery, you get to find out “Who dun nit.” Ever see the movies Clue or Murder by Death? Great murder mystery dinner movies!

Dinner and a show…watch a play while you eat, be taken back to the renaissance and the way life was in the days of old. It’s all about food, fun, and an experience that you both can share; yet another memory for the books.

17.  Karaoke Bar-Throw your inhibitions out the window, and jump on stage for a night of fun. Need some courage? Kick back a few and go for it. It doesn’t matter how you sing. Actually, the show is better when you can’t hold a tune. Go have fun…I dare you!

18.  Go to a Concert-Who doesn’t love a good concert? I sure do! Find a performer that you both are interested in and surprise your partner with tickets. Sing and dance the night away together.

19.  Take a Cooking Class/Go to a Wine Tasting/Sample Desserts-This only works if you both enjoy cooking. Otherwise, it’s a drag. Be mindful of this prior to scheduling your class. You will have the opportunity to learn a few new dishes, taste test the cuisine, and interact with like-minded couples. Sounds like a night of innocent fun to me!

You could also go to a wine tasting together or find the best locale for your favorite desserts. Being together and making memories is what it’s all about, after all.

20.  Take a dance class together/Go out dancing-Have two left feet? Take a class. Are you master of the dance floor? Go to the club. Either way, it’s loads of fun!

21.  Explore the outdoors/Embrace Adventure-Head outdoors and get some fresh air. Go on a hike or take on rock climbing. Want to spike your adrenaline? Partake in Zip Lining, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Parasailing, or Skiing. There are all kinds of outdoor activities. Find one that you both will enjoy.

22.  Secluded Romantic Picnic by the Lake-You all know the scene…tablecloth laid atop the grass, wicker picnic basket full of food, serene landscape. Tweak it and make it special. Set the ambiance and then let nature take its course.

23.  Photo Booths/Old Time Photos-If you are lucky enough to find either of these, put them to good use. In the traditional photo booths, take fun photos…funny faces, poses, be in the moment. Capture your youth on film. Old Time Photos are a blast to have done. It’s like resorting to your childhood. You get to play dress up in a fun atmosphere. Make it an experience worth remembering.

24.  Recommit-Renew your vows or take that second honeymoon you’ve always talked about. Make it better than the first!

25.  Go Mingle with your Peers-Head out to the billiards and shoot a game of pool. Play darts and turn it into a competition. Hit the arcade and play games together. Go to a sporting event that you both enjoy. Go as a couple or invite the BFF’s along for a double date. Embrace the night!

Well, there you have it; my list of 25 date night Ideas to rejuvenate your relationship. Hopefully you have found some ideas that have piqued your interest. Having a successful relationship is HARD work! It needs to constantly be nurtured to avoid falling into a rut. I hope that you choose to utilize these ideas. I would love to hear about your experiences…Drop me a line anytime.

Do you have some fantastic date night ideas to add?


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