How to Crochet-Granny Stitch Tutorial

As I’ve mentioned before, I taught myself to crochet with the aid of some fantastic tutorials on YouTube. Before you attempt to learn different stitches and techniques, you need to have the general understanding of what a slip stitch, a chain stitch, and a single, double, and triple crochet stitch is. Until you understand these, all the rest will throw you for a loop.

Learn to Crochet

I have created several projects using the single, double, and triple crochet stitch. I decided that it was time to learn a new technique for a baby blanket that I had in mind. I searched different Etsy shops, and discovered a Granny Stitch blanket that was beyond adorable! I knew that this was the technique that I wanted to learn. I went in search of Granny Stitch tutorials on YouTube, only to discover that the majority of the videos catered to the Granny Square…so NOT what I wanted!

I finally ran across one, on like page 14. I practiced, and practiced, and practiced until I had it just right. I created a gorgeous white and gray oversized baby blanket (shown below) using this stitch, which I have for sale on my Etsy shop. Click on the picture for my tutorial on how I created this super cozy blanket. I hope you enjoy.

Oversized Crochet Granny Stitch Baby Blanket

Granny Stitch Tutorial-CLICK photo to watch…

If you have any questions, please ask. I will do my best to explain.

What is your favorite crochet stitch?


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