Tell All Tuesday Series: If you could magically instill one piece of wisdom in your children, what would it be?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Q-If you could magically instill one piece of wisdom in your children, what would it be?

The World of Wisdom

A-Since birth I have encouraged each of my children to be self-sufficient. It didn’t take much to coax them, as they were pretty strong-willed and determined from the get go. I guess like mommy, like babies! I never had to deal with separation anxiety (like some parents), as I always encouraged their exploration while keeping close watch over them. Over the years, I have shared stories of my life as well as life lessons to enable them to maintain this status. I have drilled, mostly into my daughter, that the only person that she will ever truly be able to depend on is herself. I have encouraged her to make wise decisions that will benefit her life, to NEVER depend on a man, and once she has created her beautiful life, to never allow a mooch into the picture. If she chooses to have a man in her life that’s fine, but to never place herself in a position where she is dependent upon one. “Be able to take care of you and your babies, and everything after that will just be a perk.”  This is the one piece of wisdom that I have been working on instilling in my babies.

How about you? What piece of wisdom would you instill?


11 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: If you could magically instill one piece of wisdom in your children, what would it be?

  1. Sarah's Attic of Treasures says:

    I will be sharing this soon on my blog. If you don’t mind.
    I love what you wrote about your kids but especially when talking about your daughter and being self-sufficient and taking care of herself and her babies.
    I was a good mom. It is one thing I am sure of. I raised an exceptional child. I am not bragging here. Anyone who knew Bobby would and have said the same thing.
    As you know, I was a single mom….I never ever focused on that like so many single parents do. The “I need a night out because I am a single parent”…..I don’t remember ever using it as a way of getting something. I was NOT PROUD OF being SINGLE out of WEDLOCK……I was Damned PROUD OF THE WAY I HANDLED IT AFTER I LEARNED I WAS GOING TO BE A MOMMA. I wanted to be a mom. I hope that make sense.I hate it when women use the “I’m a single parent” as an excuse……

    So if anything, I raised a son who learned how to do all the things a mom would teach their child. I also taught him all the things he needed to know as a man…..driving lessons, changing a tire, changing your own oil. All the things my dad, my parents instilled in me.
    I taught him how to love. I taught him RESPECT for ADULTS and people in general.
    I taught him to love God and took him to church. I also let him make his own choices. I was fortunate. He taught himself by watching others.
    Bobby learned how to be a father from my dad and a few really close friends. He learned how to treat a lady. He also learned how to take care of his mom when I ended up in the hospital and then needing live in care when he was YOUNG. 10 and 11. He learned how to take care of me and he literally took over that care as much as he could and still go to school.
    I had an awesome family to support me unlike many people.
    As ALways I love your topics. You make me think. You make me cry. Memories …Good memories.
    Love you. Sarah


    • Krista Kemp says:

      Sarah, thank you SO much for sharing! I love you too! Feel free to reblog. I would be honored! Like you, I was born to be a mom, and was ecstatic when I found out that I was pregnant. I have treasured each and every moment, and continue to do so. These years are so precious. I never used the “single mom” excuse either. If my babies couldn’t go along, I preferred to stay in with them. When I had a day off of work, I let them play hooky and stay home with me. They need breaks too! I took them on dinner dates, and went through a lot of the same teachings that you shared with Bobby. I have been raising my boys to be men, who have manners, are courteous, and know how to treat a lady. I have tried to teach my daughter to be self reliant. I don’t want her to fall into the pitfalls that I have with men. All we can do is try to mold them in the proper manner before releasing them into this vast, confusing, and sometimes cruel world. I have made it a point to stay in Hendersonville while the children grow up. I do not want them exposed to the rough crowd that I grew up around. I pay a lot more money each month to stay on this side of town, but the education and lifestyle is better up here. My decision has paid off. They have bright futures ahead of them. Again, thank you for allowing me to venture into your memory bank. It has proven to be a wonderful ride.

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