This Trip was an Absolute Disaster!

Our Honeymoon Suite

2 years ago we went on our last vacation, which just so happened to be our honeymoon. Our first mistake was taking the children along with us. But, in our defense, we love our children so much and knew that they needed a vacation just as much as we did. It had been 3 years since our last, and we had grown accustomed to 2-3 per year.

Shabby Condo Entertainment

So, after our struggle at the rental car company and our 8 hour drive in the dark, we finally arrive at our honeymoon suite (after waiting for 2 hours at the rental agency for our keys) only to discover the worst condo we had ever booked! I was absolutely appalled, and was hesitant to even touch anything. It looked like the roach motel equipped with lice-infested beds. The photos don’t properly do this place justice, let me tell you! I decided to go out onto the balcony in hopes that perhaps the view would deter my negative emotions. I was welcomed only by the upcoming storm blowing in. It was cold, the wind was whipping, and it was then that I began to cry.

Storms a Brewing!

When I got done with my little pity party, I got angry and got on the phone with the rental agency. After giving them a piece of my mind (which I VERY rarely do), I was instructed to go down the road to view another condo. What an improvement! It was so much closer to my standards.

We enjoyed the remainder of our trip, despite being unable to consummate our marriage due to my monthly visitor, and the ridiculously cold weather. Too cold to enjoy the pool, water temp in the hot tub was too chilly to enjoy, and the unrelenting wind and rain.

I am hoping to be in a position where we are able to get out of town again, and soon. My “vacation” last year was undergoing 2 major surgeries, but that’s a crazy story for another day.

I would love to hear about your worst trip…


11 thoughts on “This Trip was an Absolute Disaster!

  1. Sarah's Attic of Treasures (Includes Stories From Our Neck Of The Woods) says:

    Our last vacation ….. a real get away from Rolling Meadows Ranch and Lake Kissimmee State Park vacation was 7 YEARS AGO. YES, 7.
    We went down to his brother’s vacation house on Pine Island. IN AUGUST.
    In the middle of a HOT HUMID FLORIDA SUMMER.
    Danny wanted to fish.
    So we fished.
    Even he said it was too hot to fish.
    But we fished anyway. Or rather he fished. I spent most of my time under the umbrella or in the water. I am not a water baby either. So you know I had to be hot.
    We did come back early though.
    WHY? Because Hurricane FAYE (I think) was about to hit the ISLAND and I refused to be on the ISLAND when It hit. SO we went home to the RV.
    All we got here was LOT’S OF RAIN AND WIND.

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  2. garym6059 says:

    I woke up in a hotel room in Nashville, TN and saw cockroaches crawling on the walls. I immediately barfed and got my money back but I think I needed two years of therapy to get the images out of my mind! Wasn’t really a vacation but a business trip but I can relate to nasty out of town experiences!

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