Tell All Tuesday Series: What is the #1 thing that you and your spouse/partner fight over?

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Q-What is the #1 thing that you and your spouse/partner fight over?

A-You would think that it would be money since we NEVER have enough, but our recurring argument is over food. Yeah, you heard me right, FOOD.  Actually, it’s the ONLY thing we fight over. My husband is a southern cooking (meat, potatoes, beans, and cornbread) kind of man. I was raised as a vegetarian, and prefer to continue this eating habit. I hate having to fix 2 dinners every night, and the food costs don’t help any.

Now I pose this question to you lovey.  What do you and your special someone fight over?


4 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday Series: What is the #1 thing that you and your spouse/partner fight over?

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    This might sound odd but my wife and I don’t fight in the normal sense. Because of her bi-polar disorder, we have had to really step up our communication skills. So typically if we disagree, we immediately discuss it and come to a consensus. This is critical to avoid triggers caused through emotional stress.

    So while we may disagree, we do not argue or raise out voices at all. Haven’t in years.

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  2. jk says:

    Good question…
    Well I don’t have a spouse or partner. But when I think back to the days I shared a lot time with my girlfriend we always fought about lil’ tiny things, unimportant stuff actually. Money, plans for the future, vacations. Communication was a big one, but this goes to my credit;-). Sometimes she complained about my highly introverted/reserved side.

    But I think my photography was the nr. one killer for our relationship. Sometimes a lot lil’ things can become huge.

    You always learn something’,that’s the good thing. Next time you now how to act right, or what’s your weaknesse’s. What you need to change on yourself. A good relationship is work, hard work for both.

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  3. Krista Kemp says:

    You hit the nail on the head there! Relationships are one of the hardest jobs that you will ever have!!! They need constant nurturing, but above all, good communication is KEY. Can’t be successful without it! And yes, the little things pile up into a HUGE mass that results in the undoing of a lot of relationships. If your photography got in the way of your relationship, then she wasn’t the one that you needed to be with. My husband supports ALL of my endeavors, even when he is not getting the attention that he needs from me. He is willing to make that sacrifice because he knows how important it is to me. The right girl is out there. It’s just a matter of finding her. My hubby is 25 years older than me…he waited a long time. But the wait was worth it. I complete him. I make him whole, as he does me. Sometimes we have to wait a long time to find the ones we are searching for, because if we found them earlier, we wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate them. Don’t give up hope. Stay true to yourself, and the one that will appreciate your talent will find her way.


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