5 Tips to Staying Youthful

Stay Young

Are you ready to take a sip from the Fountain of Youth? Here are some useful ways to remain youthful, despite your age.

Tip 1: Watch Cartoons

My husband and I watch cartoons every day. The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show (can you tell we like Seth Macfarlane?), South Park, Futurama, among others. They are fun, witty, and they make you laugh. Laughter adds years to your life!

Tip 2: Play Games

We used to have Family Game Night every week. Clue, The Simpson’s Scene-It, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Rummy, Poker, and so on. We also had video game tournaments. Our favorite was 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures. Interacting in fun light-hearted activities with children allow you to become a child again. Embrace this opportunity.

Tip 3: Play at the Park

While appeasing the children with a day at the park, join in the festivities. Play on the Merry-Go-Round, swing on the swings, kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. These activities will activate that part of the brain that helps in restoring your youthful spirit.

Tip 4: Vacation and often

When you get away from the daily grind, an innocent state of mind takes over. Go to an amusement park and ride the rides, go to a water park and frolic under the waterfall, go to the track and race go-carts, go play putt-putt. Be young again and live it up!

Tip 5: Simplify life

Go to a costume shop and play dress up. Play hide and seek at Toys R’ Us. Go on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Have a picnic by the lake. Watch the sun set, and then lie beneath the stars and point out the constellations. Organize and participate in a Scavenger Hunt around town. The possibilities are endless. Think back on your fondest memories, and attempt to recreate them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How do you stay young at heart?


4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Staying Youthful

  1. Baijen says:

    Remember to enjoy dressing up. Remember those days when dressing up with your girlfriends was more fun than the actual event we were going to?!

    Make time and enjoy the things you used to do before ‘life’ too over. I like to dance. Dancing is like food my soul! I feel so energised and relaxed afterwards.

    This one is still a work in progress, but trying not to take myself and everything too seriously. Music helps me to relax.

    Watching a good comedy makes me laugh and feel good at heart.

    I like to go for walks and feed the ducks. I talk to them and they don’t answer back!

    It’s good you raised this post because as we get older the ‘keep youthful list’ can get shorter and shorter! So note to myself, must remember to keep this list as long as possible! 🙂

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