The Fire of a Dragon…

Today the fire of a powerful and loyal dragon led me to the:


Dragon's Loyalty Award

I received a nomination from Yesterday After a few days ago, to accept the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.  Thank you SO very much Carolina; I am honored to receive this award!  Make sure to venture over and have a peek at her blog, as well as her Etsy shop.  She is beyond talented!

The rules:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  3. Give 7 facts about yourself.

Fact One:

I have never been big on Ice Cream, but Sherbet…Ah!  I could tear it up EVERY day!  When I was a young girl we lived in Florida.  There’s a little restaurant down there (a cross between Shoney’s and Steak n’ Shake) called Friendly’s.  They have a fabulous dessert, only offered during the summer months, called WattaMelon Roll.  The rind is a lemon flavor, and the red center is watermelon flavored.  The seeds are little shards of chocolate chips.  If you ever run across a Friendly’s, head on in and have a slice.  You won’t regret it!

Wattamelon Roll

Fact Two:

When I moved over to Germany, I decided to start a “Deutschland Collection.”  I took a gander in the tourist shops and discovered that decorative spoons and thimbles were the most popular souvenir.  They both seemed to cater towards my mother’s generation, so I decided to collect shot glasses.  For every town that I visited, I would purchase one shot glass.  There were only two towns that I saw that I do not have a glass from.  The first was Buoch (the town my family apparently originated from); a town so small they don’t even have a souvenir shop.  The second was Stuttgart.  We had a ton of things to see in this town, but we could never even locate the Visitor’s Center.  We ended up finding the zoo, and were walking towards the entrance when my son decided it was time to potty train.  I took him to the nearest public “toiletten ,” but he refused to go because I didn’t have his potty seat.  I tried every tactic to get him to go potty, with no success.  We ended up having to drive all the way home so he could urinate.  What a day!  In addition to shot glasses, I also have a few beer steins and beer mugs.

Marktplatz-Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen, Germany

My daughter was born in Bad Kissingen, so I purchased her a stein with the towns’ sites.  My son’s stein depicts King Ludwig’s multiple castles.  I bought a stein in my favorite town, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and when we visited Austria, I purchased a stein there as it was a new country.  We ran out of time on our trip, and were unable to venture into France or Switzerland, although we did stop for cheesecake along the Rhine, and were able to see the Swiss Alps in the distance.  I have a few other German pieces, but my glasses bring a smile to my face.

Fact Three:

I love when I come home from work and Rusty (my honey, honey!) tells me that he found a new show/movie/documentary on Netflix that we just HAVE to watch.  One of the more recent shows that we have really enjoyed is “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”  If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out.  We laughed our asses off!  Great stuff!

Fact Four:

There are two jobs out in the world that I always thought would be fun.  The first is working for Disney Pixar.  I saw a documentary (of sorts) about how they play while they are engaging in their brainstorming sessions for new movies.  They have tricycles, pogo sticks, trampolines, and so forth.  There is no better way to spend the day at work!

The second would be to work with Seth McFarlane.  He has a whole slew of cartoons that I watch religiously, and he has begun showing up quite a bit on the Hollywood scene.  He is absolutely hilarious, and his intellect astounds me.  I feel that he would be an absolute blast to work with!

Fact Five:

Have you ever been browsing through the mall when the aroma of German Roasted Nuts hits your nose and leads the way to the kiosk like in the old Looney Tunes episodes?  I have a HUGE weakness for these amazing nuts!  I grab a bag every chance that I get.  I am also in love with Hot Boiled Peanuts; I never get my fill!  Some more of my favorite sweet treats include Banana Slurpee’s, Jumbo Chewy Sweet Tarts, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks.

Kellogg's Fruity Snacks

Fact Six:

Did you know that I was a nerd?  I LOVE video games!  I still own every single system/game that I have ever owned.  NES, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Wii, PS2, (2) PS3’s, Gameboy Advance, Advance SP, Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi XL, 3DS…  My favorites to play are Mario (vintage originals and Mario Party Games are my favorite), Zelda (love every one that I’ve ever played), Resident Evil (4 is my very favorite version), Obscure (LOVE this game, but have yet to finish it), and Silent Hill (bought this game years ago, and I still have not had the chance to play it yet).  The best part of gaming is being able to escape reality, if only for just a moment.  I have also dabbled with PC gaming.  It is fun, but I prefer the big screen systems.  I used to play The Sims quite a bit (I was creating my dream house, didn’t care much for managing the characters; seemed a bit silly to me), and I love Bejeweled, Spider Solitaire, and Free Cell.  I played the PC games mainly during my stint in Germany.  Everything in our little town closed at 6 pm, so we had to be creative with our entertainment.  If I wasn’t downstairs playing cards or board games with my girlfriend Diana, I was on the PC avoiding my husband.  In the end, it just worked better that way.

Fact Seven:

One of my favorite art mediums to work with is canvas.  I tend to do the majority of my canvas art with my fingers; smearing the paint around into each little crevice until I find my desired effect.  I like to include patterned scrapbook paper, stenciled designs, and fun stamps into my work and I generally embellish with Tim Holtz products.  Mixed Media speaks to me!  The variety of color and effects emulate the vibrant and disorganized thought processes that are trapped in my mind.  I have been running low on canvas, and have been out of printer ink for over a year now, so my mixed media projects have had to take a back seat for the time being.  I am longing to create the pieces that I have stuck in my imagination.  Soon…

Ready for a BONUS fact?

Not only am I expecting my niece’s arrival in November, but I recently discovered that Grandbaby #2 is on (his?) way.  There’s a whole lotta love in the air!

Baby Bump

My nominees for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award include:

Brey at Ordinary Adventures

Donna at My OBT

The Twenty Something Social Recluse

Tingting (A.K.A. Skydreamer) at Empower Love

Stuart M. Perkins at StoryShucker

Nicole at Cold Chicken Soup

Barbara (A.K.A. Spirited13) at Finding Mastery by Barbara Lockhart

Carolina, Thank you again for nominating me for this award!  I have had a wonderful time tapping into the rusty old memory bank to come up with my 7 facts.


20 thoughts on “The Fire of a Dragon…

  1. Skydreamer says:

    You are so wonderful! You make me want to try the Wattamelon Roll so badly, I wonder if it’s in Canada 🙂 and congratz to having a grandson #2 coming soon, babies are so cute!! I have a little brother myself and he always puts a smile to my face, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a whole lotta love and company ❤


  2. spirited13 says:

    Thanks so much for nominating me Krista….I love your facts and the fun you had in sharing it all! You sound just wonderful! Sending you hugs and Blessings, Barbara xxxxx PS I am currently painting a dragon face! Who knew! So much synchronicity around at the moment!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Krista Kemp says:

      It was my pleasure…thank you! Isn’t that the way things always happen? My husband and I are so in sync, we share moments like that. I’ll be talking about something at work with the girls, and he will bring up the same scenario/topic. Kind of weird sometimes. Looking forward to seeing your completed dragon face!


  3. The Twentysomething Social Recluse says:

    Awesome, post, thank you for sharing and nominating me!! Unbreakable Kimmy is so funny 🙂 x


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