How to De-Clutter your Home

Spring Cleaning

I have been spending A LOT of time lately going through my home.  Not only have I been doing my regular Spring Cleaning, but I am attempting to liquidate my household goods.  My reason for doing so is due to the fact that we are making plans to move to the beach and purchase our first property together.  Our plan is to buy a beach front condo.  As you know, a condo’s square footage is less than sufficient for a family of my size, and there is not going to be enough room for our massive collections, so, needless to say, it all has to go!

I have a bit of a problem with sentimental attachments, but I am striving to liberate myself from my possessions.  Baby steps…  There is no sense hanging on to items that are only going to sit in a closet or a storage unit and collect dust.  Not to mention get ruined from nature’s elements.  The rational part of my mind is telling me to let it all go.  Make the money from these items and allow someone else to enjoy them.  But, the sentimental side of me is saying, “No!  Don’t get rid of that!  I’ll be able to display it one day.”  Well, let’s get real.  I will never designate a corner of my home for my vintage Strawberry Shortcake Collection, my original Care Bear’s, my collection of My Little Ponies, my original Star Wars characters, or my Rose Petal Place sets.  It’s time to unload.

I have several boxes up in the attic which contain art projects that the children have done over the years.  Over time these creations are beginning to become tattered and discolor.  I need to make it a point to photograph everything in those boxes and create a photo compilation of these pieces.  Shutterfly and other websites have deals ALL the time for fabulous photo books!  My goal is to photograph each piece of art, create some gorgeous books with said memories, and send them on their way.  I am just waiting for that “Let’s do this!” moment.  Once again, baby steps…  I’ll get there eventually.

My husband has even begun liquidating his overwhelming Hot Wheel Collection.  As much as he hates to part with them, he knows that our new home will not accommodate them.  I would say that his entire Hot Wheel Collection would net in excess, of $100,000.  He has the original, untouched Redlines all the way through to the present diecasts.  Treasure Hunts, Super Treasure Hunts, Error Cars, Convention Cars, Club Cars, Cereal Box Cars, and the list goes on and on…

Can you tell we like toys?!  So, if you are ever in the Nashville area, and are interested in some vintage toys, let me know.  We have them in abundance!

Okay, so you finally make the time to through your house.  You divvy up items into different piles: keep (leave items where they belong), throw away (out to the dumpster with you), and give away (are the boxes over taking the house yet?).  What do you do with your “give away” items?  Your options are plentiful!  Second hand bookstores will buy books, places like The Great Escape, Game Stop, or CD Warehouse will buy movies, video games, CD’s, books, comics, action figures, and more.  Churches take donations for clothing and food.  Contact your local church and ask what items they are in need of.  They may know of a family that is in need of different types of items.  Daycares accept toys, food, blankets, crib sheets, baby items (swings, bouncers, bottles, sippy cups, spoons, teething rings, diapers), movies and so on.  The Salvation Army accepts all kinds of items!  I also found out recently during my research that they accept trial size items; Toothpaste, Shampoo, Deodorant, etc.  So, if you are an extreme couponer, share the stockpile.  They pass these out to homeless shelter visitors, and at times create care packages for our enlisted warriors.  You also have your thrift shops, Goodwills, the dreaded yard/garage sales, as well as online spots like eBay, Craigslist, and Varage Sale.  These are just a few ways to rid yourself of your unwanted and unneeded items.  The more you send out the door, the more your house will thank you, and the easier your cleaning tasks will become.

I wrote another post, similar in nature to this blog topic.  If you like this post, perhaps you will enjoy 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning.

So, do you have any tips to add?


16 thoughts on “How to De-Clutter your Home

  1. Frugal Fab Mommy says:

    Beachfront! I bet the view will be amazing.
    I never thought about taking pictures of the kids’ project and making them into photobooks. Awesome idea! Groupon and LivingSocial have amazing discounted prices on them from different retailers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah's Attic of Treasures (Includes Stories From Our Neck Of The Woods) says:

    I would love to have your stuff. I don’t have enough to “declutter” except for the clothes in my clothes I outgrew this year. Many of them were given to me by my mom…so I can’t get rid of them just yet.
    I do need to git rid of most of the plastic containers in the kitchen. I can’t get the grease off of them.
    The only other thing I need to to is start working on some of Danny’s clutter. He wants to save every empty box we get. Not soda or beer ones but anything else. We have a room filled boxes. From new computers…TV’s You get the picture.
    I am rambling again and I never even finished your post.
    My mind just too off.
    I am also behind on reading a few of your posts. I have them saved.
    Have a good Thursday. Sarah.

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      Hey Sarah.,.we have boxes too-mainly the small hot wheel sized ones. Hubby has done a lot of buying/selling over the past couple years, so he hangs on to them to ship his out once he makes a sale. We mainly just have a lot of clutter, but other than that our home stays pretty clean. Not showcase home style, but comfortable lived in style. I went through my closet and am coming off of half my outfits. I don’t wear them, why keep them…just more to move. Hope you enjoy the posts. Happy Thursday to you as well!


  3. Sarah's Attic of Treasures (Includes Stories From Our Neck Of The Woods) says:

    I didn’t get very far when I saw where you wrote about the boxes of kids belongings.
    Krista, Please take it from someone who lost her son and then a few months later lost all of OUR Belongings.
    I don’t have any of the hundred’s/thousand’s of things I had saved from Bobby and his cousins.
    The only photos out of the million I probably had are ones I had made into scrapbooks for relatives and photos others have given me.
    Many are copies of copies.
    So do whatever you can to preserve , SHARE and KEEP them.
    Love Sarah

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    • Krista Kemp says:

      No worries, I am a photograph hoarder, and take thousands upon thousands. I have backups, and copies of my backups. I have them safely stored in several different locations, and my mom has copies. We have always protected our photographed memories.


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