Love/Hate Challenge

I was nominated to participate in the Love/Hate Challenge by The Domesticated Goddess.  Thank you Nicole, for allowing me to participate in this great challenge…

Love/Hate Challenge

Love/Hate Challenge Rules:

  • List 10 things that you love
  • List 10 things that you hate
  • Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

My 10 Loves
1. My Lord, my faith, and all that I stand for
2. I absolutely ADORE my family, which goes without saying
3. I LOVE the woman that I have become
4. Vacationing-It’s what I do best
5. Learning
6. Going Craft Shopping
7. The Simplicity in Nature
8. My Daddy’s Homemade Cheesecake
9. Hippie Shops/Head Shops, Incense and Candles
10. Movies and Good Music

My 10 Hates
1. Waking up before the sun rises
2. Not being able to provide better for my babies, and being unable to give them the life that I have always wanted to give them
3. Deadbeat Dad’s
4. Struggling to put food on the table
5. Living paycheck to paycheck
6. Feeling Inferior
7. Obligations that are forced upon you
8. Abuse
9. Lack of compassion for others
10. Hypocritical people

My Nominees are:

 Predestined 30


Simple Head Girl


Poetry, Chocolate, and Books

 The Ninth Life

A Momma’s View

Heena Rathore P.

A Vibrant Day

4 Year Old Adult

Looking forward to hearing your loves and hates…

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