Have an Issue? Here’s a Tissue!

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Q-Have an Issue?  Here’s a Tissue!

A-I have bookoo issues, but we weren’t discussing my mental state were we?!  Nah, just kidding!  I actually have an outline for a book entitled, My Book of Beefs.”  I have an extensive list of topics that may one day see the light of day.  My biggest issue to date is Deadbeat Dad’s!  I have a daycare full of children that have to suffer through life with these pieces of shit; selfish men who don’t deserve the title, “Daddy.”  They are self-righteous, narcissistic, arrogant, non-supportive sperm donors.  They are a drain on society, and the world would be a beautiful place without them in it.  My ex-husband, who was always negligent, used to have the title “Deadbeat Dad.”  Over the past 4-5 years he has graduated to the title of “Schmuck.”  He makes no attempt to contact the children, yet claims my son on his taxes each and every year to make a quick buck.  Sounds like tax fraud to me, which is a federal offense.  I receive child support based on his unemployment status from 11 years ago.  It wasn’t two weeks after coming back to the states from active duty that he took on a new job.  So, based on my figures, he owes the children a minimum of $60,000 in back child support just to be square.

So, enough with my issue.  What’s yours?


9 thoughts on “Have an Issue? Here’s a Tissue!

  1. Ray Dawson says:

    Sorry you ex is such a loser. The big issue in my life currently is that my wife and I have started a large project that is interjecting quite a bit of stress into our lives. But comparatively it’s not that bad.

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My son’s biological dad isn’t quite that bad, but he’s no role model either. Ever since he and my wife divorced, he has been living with his parents rent free. The dude is almost 50! On top of that, he has minimal child support and is behind on that. Plus my son is on my medical insurance (it is better) but yet he doesn’t help with the bills unless we tell him he has too. Oh well….could be worse!

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  3. Jenn says:

    Your forgetting my lovely ex. My final total after 17 years of nonpayment plus interest is close to $230,000. Of course we’ve always had a competition on which one was a bigger deadbeat.


    • Krista Kemp says:

      You’ve definitely won, hands down! Isn’t it amazing that they can actually get away with it???!!! I have an outline for a manuscript where I am going to take him out. I do believe it will become a best seller! Who wouldn’t want to read about a deadbeat who met his demise from a vengeful ex! I know I would…I would be taking notes!


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