Dinner Time

Tell All Tuesday Series...

Does your family eat dinner together each night?

98% of the time, my answer to this question would be yes.  It is VERY important to me to have my family together for dinner.  It allows our close bond to mature, allows us to collaborate and discuss family events, as well as engage with one another as to how each of our days have gone.  We also use this time to share what we have learned each day.

If you want to have a tight knit family you have to communicate.  That is the secret component to any type of successful relationship.  My children have freedom to explore, but come dinner time, they know that I expect them to be there.  When my daughter was cheering, it made dinner time difficult.  We normally had an early dinner to compensate for her schedule, and we managed to make it work without too many hitches.

Mama's Machine

The family unit is similar to a machine.  All components have to work together to run successfully.  Without collaboration and participation, that machine will break down, resulting in utter chaos.  In our family, I am the cog that holds all of the remaining pieces together.  I do my best to keep my machine running smoothly and efficiently.  On occasion it requires a welcome to the real world reminder, or a come to Jesus meeting if you will, but once that has taken place, they slide back into their respective positions nicely.

Now it’s your turn…Does your family eat dinner together each night?


4 thoughts on “Dinner Time

  1. Erika Kind says:

    I so try to do that. Doesn’t work out anymore. My son has soccer practice twice a week while my husband is not at home yet. When my daughter comes home she is basically very hungry and just grabs herself something to eat. My husband and my daughter are going to the gym twice or more a week after work. That way it is getting late again. I mostly eat with my youngest son or wait for my husband. The weekend evenings are the best chance to sit at the table together. When the kids are bigger or already grown up… it is not that easy anymore.

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