Balancing Work, Kids, and a Blog

Blogging With BabyThere is no magic solution for managing all of these, so the best thing to do is to just let go.  I used to be a fanatic when it came to organizing my schedule, but I have learned over the years that it was just a bunch of useless worry, stress, and frustration that I did not need in my life.  It has already added too many years to my life.  You can organize up to a certain point, which is great, but to stick to your plans down to the wire, will just drive you insane!  Each day presents it’s own schedule, especially with my children, as they are not great with informing me of plans/activities in advance.  It used to drive me insane, but what do you do?!

I go to work, try to squeeze in what craft time I can during naptime (if I’m lucky) and then after work, I take each obstacle/errand as they come.  If I have time to work on a new creation, SUPER!  If I am able to work on a future blog post, FANTASTIC!  If I’m bombarded with school functions, rides here/there, or grocery trips, so be it.  That’s just the way that particular day was supposed to go.  But, I ALWAYS make sure to tote a project or my business binder along with me, just in case…  Can’t waste that golden opportunity when it arises.

If you are a blogger, how do you balance it all?


3 thoughts on “Balancing Work, Kids, and a Blog

  1. Erika Kind says:

    My days are filled with my family, my practice and several projects. Blogging now takes hours from that time. I am well organized and plan things, that’s why everything has a place even when unexpected things happen.


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