How to Properly Shut Down your PC

This post is dedicated to a dear co-worker of mine.

Shutting Down your PC

I was always under the impression that folks knew the proper way to shut down their computers, until I observed my co-worker.  She held down the power button!  Ahhhh!!!!  No, no, no!  For those of you who do not know, all electronic devices have a “lifespan.”  Depending on usage and maintenance, the machine will inevitably kick the bucket.  So, let’s begin this session, PC 101.

When you are ready to turn off your computer, make sure that you have closed out of all open windows/programs.  On your Windows Desktop, there is a circle icon with the Microsoft flag in the center, which is located in the left bottom corner.  Click that button and choose shut down.  There are several options, but if you are done with your computer for a while, choose shut down.

  • Windows Vista goes through the same steps, but the icon looks different.
  • On a Macintosh, choose the Apple key and select shut down.

It may take a few moments to complete this task, as it is shutting down programs that are running in the background.  Be patient, and DO NOT force shutdown.  This is not good for your machine.

I generally clean my pc prior to each shutdown, but that will be a topic for another day.

Now, time to spill the beans…

Do you shut down your computer properly?


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