My Adventures Building this Blog

Creating a blog

Oh, what fun and frustrating times I have had!

So, I was under the grand disillusion that creating a blog would be a piece of cake.  I am a certified web master after all.  You’ve all seen the articles I’m sure on how to create your blog in 5 minutes right?  Wrong!  Yeah, you can throw one together pretty quick, but to recreate the images that you see in your mind,  turns it into a very time-consuming task.

So, I have attempted to create this blog on countless platforms only to discover that they have not been the right fit for me.  Then I discovered Weebly, and began counting my blessings.  I was really coming along with my design until their system froze, and I could no longer access my pages.  You can imagine the profanity that began rolling through my mind.  I made the very hard decision to leave Weebly, as it was WAY too soon in the game to output so much content only to lose what I had spent countless hours putting together.  So, here I am on WordPress.

WordPress is a very confusing platform to understand in the beginning, and I’m kind of ashamed of the amount of time I spent in the support forums, reading countless articles, and watching YouTube tutorials to grasp the basics.  Anyway, I taught myself the Ins and Outs, and then proceeded to throw it all together.  I then started focusing my energy on the monetization stage.  Here is where the slap in the face took place.  I found out that because I have a free account that monetizing my site is never going to happen.  I will either have to upgrade my package, or turn my blog into a self-hosted site.  Okay, so I have come to terms with that.  Getting my message out there is a little more important than money after all!

From there, I ventured over to MailChimp to set up my RSS feed, my sign up forms, and to set up my campaigns (a.k.a. newsletter).  I tried to link my blog to the RSS feed to make them slightly more attractive for my readers, and for some odd reason, MailChimp was unable to recognize my feed address.  Once again, this is something that is not detrimental; I can deal.  So I proceeded to my sign up forms and found out after a good week that I could not embed “custom sign up forms” into my blog.  I eventually found a way around it, but it was irritating to say the least.  Then, I could not for the life of me locate how to change the verbiage on each of my confirmation emails.  After clicking here, there, and everywhere, I figured it out and was able to continue on.

For summaries sake, it has taken me, with my run here, run there, work full-time schedule a good 4 months to create.  I had contemplated on several occasions just saying screw it, but my mother (my rock) encouraged me to carry on.  She told me, “Sweetie, you have SO much to share.  Let your voice be heard.”  From that point on, I have been balls to the wall baby!

Do you have a blogging story to share?  I would love to hear it!


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