5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is upon us once again.  Have you caught the bug yet?  I’m trying something slightly different this year, and so far it is working out quite well for me.  With my hustle bustle life, kids running in and out of the house, and our wall to wall collections, our home is, let’s just say, a bit cluttered.  Not dirty, just cluttered.  I have decided that I’m tired of it all, and it’s time to go through and liquidate.  If I’m ever going to get to the beach, I need to downsize and quick!  So I started evaluating each room, and I hit that “Oh Crap!” moment.  Where do I even start?  I took a step back and realized that the best way to tackle this situation is to do what I do in every other situation in my life; create a To-Do list.

TIP 1: Create a Checklist

Evaluate your house and create your custom cleaning checklist.  Break down each room into smaller cleaning/organizing tasks.  I began by writing down each room/area in my home like so:

Household Chore Chart

TIP 2: Scratch it From the List

Make it your goal to complete a MINIMUM of one item from your list each day.  Set an egg timer and attack that area with vigor until the timer dings.  If you work better with music, crank up the tunes.  May as well make it as enjoyable as possible right?  Once that section is done, scratch it from the list.

TIP 3: Utilize Resources

I have discovered that Pinterest has a plethora of house cleaning tips, tricks, and recipes that will save you a TON of money, and will shave hours off of your cleaning time.  Utilize this resource; you will be so glad that you did!  I have already compiled quite a few of these on my “House Ideas” board, and there are some great life hacks on my “Hacks” board.  Feel free to repin these on your own boards.  Click HERE to visit my Pinterest boards.

TIP 4: Incorporate the Children

If your kids are anything like mine, they are the major contributors to your household messes.  That’s why I feel they should pitch in, regardless of age.  They did make the mess after all!  If proposed in the right manner, you can turn this feat into an adventure.  Start by offering them an incentive.  Children and adults alike work harder and are more productive when they are offered something of value.  Show them how much their hard work is appreciated.  It’s a win-win all the way around!  Another alternative is to propose a competition.  My kids love to out-do one another!  It changes the humdrum household chores into something fun.  Try it out, you might be pleasantly surprised.

TIP 5: Donate Unwanted Items

So, every time I go through my house I find a ton of items that make the “toss it” pile.  Take all that “What in the world possessed me to buy this?” crap and donate it.  Ask around and see if anyone knows a family that could use it.  Donate to churches, daycare centers, shelters, or thrift stores.  Have a yard sale, sell stuff on Ebay, Craigslist, or Varage Sale.  Whatever you choose to do, rid your house of it.  One person’s trash is another’s treasure after all.

So, these are my 5 tips for spring cleaning.  If you keep your list in motion all throughout the year, it will prevent future major house overhauls.  Now you will be able to sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and relish the satisfaction of living in a spotless (eat off the floor), fresh smelling home…

Here are a few extras for you:

  • Throw small toys in a mesh laundry bag and throw them on the top rack of your dishwasher before you run your next load.  (Legos, Trinkets, etc.)
  • Boil your toothbrushes periodically to kill germs.
  • Clean your household appliances-Inside, Outside, Behind, and Under.
  • Line your fridge racks with plastic placemats.  This prevents spills, and it makes cleaning SO much easier.
  • Clean your electronics-remotes, phones, tablets, etc.  I guarantee you forget to clean these germ-infested breeding grounds; I know I do!
  • Don’t forget to clean the windows (inside and outside), walls, baseboards, blinds, cupboard door facings, and the door/window tracks.

What Spring Cleaning tips would you like to share?


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